How to Run A Game Emulator

Wikipedia defines an emulator as a computer scientist who duplicates (provides an emulated version of) the functions in the system by replicating their functions with a different. This allows the other system to behave exactly like (and appear to appear to be) the original system. This focus on exact reproduction of the external behavior is distinct from other forms of computer simulation that could be based on an abstract representation of the system that is being simulated.

Layman’s words: “I play N64 using my computer”

This tutorial focuses specifically on using game emulators (NES/PSone, Gameboy, Gameboy) and how to set them up, insert roms to their correct folders, then play the games.

Step 1: Choose the console you want to emulate/ Find an emulator

This depends on what you’re playing. However, offers a variety of emulators. The ones that work most effectively are rated the highest and near the top.

Visual Boy Advance, the Gameboy Advance emulator will be used as an illustration.

Emulators ARE legal. Any opposition to this fact will be smacked

Step 2: Install the Emulator

Based on which emulator you choose to download, you have two alternatives. It can be decompressed by using Winrar.Read about At website This program is very easy to use. You can download a trial here The trial lasts indefinetly and there is no need to buy a full version. Make sure you get the one labeled WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.90

If you’re very lucky, you will be able to download a.exe file. Once double clicked it will begin to extract itself and install itself. Simply select the folder in the directory where the emulator needs to be installed.

Step 3: How Winrar is Used

Visual Boy Advanced can be downloaded following my directions. You’ll require the files transferred from winrar onto your desktop. Here are some guidelines for doing that.

  • 1. Install Winrar in case it’s not installed.
  • 2. To remove the emulator, create a folder to your desktop.
  • 3. Double click the.rar files
  • 4. Choose the first file you want to select by pressing it once. The first file is beneath the folder, and has the two dots following it. Do not click on the folder.
  • 5. Find the last file by pressing and the shift key on your keyboard. Make sure you click the mouse while you hold shift. This will select all files that are in the achive.
  • 6. Click the icon for extracts located at the top of the program
  • 7. Select the location from which the file is to be extracted

Depending on the size of the file, extraction might be quite brief or you could even have an extended nap.

Step 4: Getting Roms

Roms are subject to a bizarre law. To be able to legally possess an official rom, the game must be owned by the owner physically. If you don’t own the game, yet have the rom , it’s illegal.

But, pay attention!

Nobody cares

I have thousands and thousands of roms stored on my computer. It’s similar to downloading songs on the internet.

A quick google search for the word “roms” will yield results

If you are found to be downloading Roms, I’m not liable. (Seriously I’m not liable). You won’t get caught unless you visit Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo and present the Roms you downloaded.

Step 5: Organizing Your Roms

There are two options to finish this job The neat and the messy.

The lazy method involves dumping all of your Roms into one folder. This helps find the folder, however it is it is more difficult to locate the actual rom depending on the number of roms there are.

A neat trick is to buy all downloaded roms. By that, I mean system. GBA and N64 roms are available in the GBA/roms folders and N64 folders, respectively.

If you’re very talented, you could save your GBA emulator roms to a folder called “roms”. Doing so wont effect preformance.

Step 6: Loading and playing the Rom

This step, as with nearly all of the steps before it, needs almost no thought.

  • 1. Begin the emulator. You can continue to step 2 if the emulator has not been installed (idk what you’re doing).
  • 2. Then, select “file” and “open” after the file has been expanded. This is a good option for almost all emulators.
  • 3. Navigate to the folder where your roms are stored and choose the one that you wish to play

Step 7: Done

We are thrilled that you were able to successfully load and play something!